About me


I am a fully registered and qualified teacher, with six years of experience in the New Zealand Secondary School classroom. I am highly skilled in using the New Zealand Curriculum and National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). While most of my experience is in teaching Year 9 to 13 students, I also have experience teaching Year 7 and 8’s, since my teaching post was in a composite school. 

My teaching subjects are English and Drama, supported by a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Auckland. For the last two years, I have been an Assistant Head of English, responsible for co-leading the department in best practice. My responsibilities have included developing curriculum related material and mentoring new teachers to the school.

I have attended the annual New Zealand Association for Teachers of English (NZATE) conference multiple times, with the last attendance being in July of 2021. At this conference, I led a workshop on the teaching of grammar and language in Years 9 and 10. This, as well as teaching literature, are my biggest passions as an English teacher.

Teaching philosophy

My pedagogical approach is one that values the identities and interests of my students, and uses them to design a learning programme. As a reflective practitioner, I am always adapting my teaching to meet the needs of the students in my care. I am passionate about fostering active learning, so that students are invited into the learning process and subsequently left with a more authentic understanding of the content being taught. Using guided questioning, real-life contexts, and culturally responsive texts are some of the ways I do this. 

Fostering a growth mindset is also very important to me, as I know how vital the link between academic success and social-emotional learning are. I incorporate growth mindset phrases into my learning conversations, and use encouragement to empower students. Giving feedback on a 3:1 ratio (three positive remarks and one constructive remark), and praising them for specific milestones is how I achieve this. 

My philosophy as an English teacher is to inspire students to see the power that language holds. Fostering an enjoyment of language craft and the different interpretations that can be drawn from studying text is what I aim to do. I like to teach students how their voice, experience and imagination are unique and therefore have a place in the big wide world!

Teaching tools 

I am advanced in the use of digital tools, having led whole staff professional development sessions in this area. Over the years, I have also attended many workshops on the use of digital tools in the classroom, including ones on Flipped Learning.

My tutoring will take place solely online; however, I use interactive tools to transform student learning. This is a list of my most frequently used tools: 

  • G Suite for Education 
  • Zoom 
  • Classcraft 
  • Screencastify 
  • Bitmoji
  • Pear Deck
  • Quizlet 
  • Kahoot 
  • EdPuzzle 
  • Education Perfect 

Using the SAMR model developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, I go beyond substitution into redefinition, where students are given opportunities to learn or do things that would otherwise be impossible through technology absent learning.