Curriculum Vitae

Personal summary

  • Passionate individual, with a strong sense of purpose for teaching and drive to achieve the very best in all things.
  • Thorough and detailed with processes, such as lesson plans and databases, ensuring accuracy and a high standard of work.
  • Forward thinking individual, who can anticipate upcoming units, required resources and assessment materials. Can effectively preempt issues and solve them proactively.
  • Team player, who can contribute insights and resources for the department, while also welcoming the contributions and feedback from colleagues.
  • Reflective practitioner, who can recognise problem areas and engage in inquiry processes to improve. Can celebrate personal successes and strengths to sustain resilience.
  • Able to build effective relationships with young adults through a language of care, encouragement and high expectations.


2015, Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary), Bethlehem Tertiary Institute

            Major achievements

  • Being and Becoming: The Wise Teacher – A
  • The Classroom as Context for Learning – A
  • Professional Practice: Teaching Junior Secondary – Excellent
  • Professional Practice: Teaching Senior Secondary – Excellent
  • Teaching Performance – Highly Competent
  • Record Keeping – Highly Competent

2012 – 2014, Bachelor of Arts, Double Major English/ Drama, University of Auckland

            Major achievements

  • Was awarded the Fulton Hogan Scholarship for my first university year
  • Successfully gained entry into a Stage Two drama paper that was restricted to 30 students
  • Successfully gained entry into a Stage Three drama paper that was restricted to 25 students


2020 – 2021, Tuakau College

            Assistant Head of English

  • Design Middle College unit plans and resources for the English Department.
  • Design Middle College Common Assessment Tasks and Examinations for the English Department.
  • Step in for the Head of Learning when she is absent, including attendance to Head of Learning meetings and arranging relief for absent teachers.
  • Moderate student samples from all Middle College English teachers and confirm the accurate recording of assessment results.
  • Lead my department in innovative pedagogy and best practice.
  • Support English teachers, who require assistance with planning, assessment and understanding curriculum content.
  • Design and routinely send out Department Newsletter to maintain effective communication within the department.
  • Organised, judged and presented at the 2021 Middle College Speech Finals.

2016 – 2021, Tuakau College

            English Teacher

  • Teach the English Curriculum from Year 9 to Year 13, with three years’ experience teaching Year 13.
  • Utilise digital technology, such as G Suite for Education, Classcraft, Kahoot, Quizlet, Screencastify, Zoom and Pear Deck.
  • Effectively plan units and lessons that meet the interests, learning profiles and readiness of my students.
  • Provide effective feedback to students on assessments and elicit student engagement in the feedback process.
  • Participate in moderation processes effectively, completing marking to a deadline and contributing helpfully to the moderation discussions.
  • Relate culturally to students through normative inclusion of diversity for greater learning outcomes.
  • Effectively use Kamar to record student data and communicate professionally with colleagues and parents.
  • Ability to inform and co-construct with parents their child’s progress through Email, Phone, Student Reports and Parent Teacher interviews.
  • Implement classroom management strategies, such as seating plans, classroom rules, and restorative practices.
  • Engage in the inquiry process, complete lesson observations, and collate evidence that I meet the Registered Teacher Criteria.

            Major achievements 

  • Delivered a workshop at the 2021 NZATE conference on the effective teaching of writing and language retention.
  • Awarded the 2018 NZATE Waikato English Teacher Scholarship.
  • Contributed to NZATE’s publication English in Aotearoa.
  • Led staff in professional development on the use of digital tools and staff relationships for greater restorative practice.
  • Appointed Within School Leader in 2021 for our Kahui Ako.
  • Appointed Ruaumoko House Leader in 2018.
  • Asked to be a part of the school’s lead group in upskilling staff on the use of digital tools.
  • Asked to apply for the Assistant Head of Department role, because of leadership skills I was already demonstrating in my capacity as a teacher.

Professional Development

  • 2021 TESOL Certification from International Open Academy
  • 2021 Effective Teaching of Oral Presentations
  • 2021 NZATE conference, including a robust workshop on how to be an effective Middle Leader
  • 2020 NZATE workshop on English Externals
  • 2019/20 Led staff in professional development on digital tools: Screencastify, Google Forms and Digital Avatars
  • 2020 Led staff in professional development on staff relationships as part of our Restorative Practice goals
  • 2020 Evaluation Associates workshop on the use of e-asTTle
  • 2018 Te Pokaitahi Reo (Rumaki, Reo Rua) (Te Kaupae 1)
    • REO101 Mana Tangata 1 – A
    • REO102 Mana Whenua 1 – A
    • REO103 Mana Reo 1 – A
  • 2018 NZATE six week online course on assessing the Writing Portfolio, Connections, and Close Viewing standards in Year 12 and Year 13.
  • 2018 NZATE conference
  • 2018 Autism workshop
  • 2018 Gail Loane The Art of Teaching Writing
  • 2017 NZATE conference
  • 2017 SAATE workshop on The Writing Portfolio in Levels 1 and 2
  • 2017 Flipped Classroom