Other services


In addition to tutoring services, I offer consultations to home schooling parents who wish to learn more teaching approaches or subject related knowledge. Consultations will take place by phone or video call, and will be priced at $1 per minute.

Examples of the types of consultations I can offer are:

  • Use of digital tools to enhance learning outcomes
  • How to engage students in learning
  • Effective strategies for the teaching of reading and writing
  • Understanding anything English related

Please contact me to arrange a time and discuss your specific needs.


For those preparing for Cambridge or NCEA examinations, I offer marking services. This includes in-line marking as well as an overall comment, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. I will also provide an indicative grade, using Cambridge or NCEA criteria. My marking rate is $40 per hour. An 1000 word piece typically takes me 30 minutes, as I give robust and comprehensive feedback.